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Update for your DiscoEasy200

Take advantage of the update of your firmware and benefit from new features on your printer.

Marlin DE200 - 19/02/2019

How to update?

Required to operate

Before going any further, download and install Cura by Dagoma. During the installation, we install the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the Dagom'App.

Download Cura by Dagoma

The prerequisites

  • A DiscoEasy200

  • A USB-B cable (supplied with your printer)

  • A computer and Dagom'App

Download Dagom'App

And follow the tutorial below, step by step.

Let's get started!

Start Dagom'App and follow the instructions

Step 1

Click on "I configure my printer".

Step 2

Check the steps once they have been checked.

Step 3

Click on DiscoEasy200.

Step 4

Connect the DiscoEasy200 to the computer via the provided USB cable.

For the cable passage watch the following video:

Step 5

Choose "I give new powers" and then click on the blue arrow.

Step 7

We're almost there!

Download the HEX firmware for your DiscoEasy200 :

Download HEX firmware

Choose the options that your machine is only equipped with!

Click on "select a .hex file"

Step 8

Once uploaded, click on "Flash"

This action can last a few minutes.

Step 9

Your DiscoEasy200 has been updated. You can close Dagom'App.

One last step.

Step 10

After an update, it is necessary to recalibrate the 3D printer.

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