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3d weapons are a real problem, We must act now to stop them.

This software recognises 3D weapon files and blocks them from being printed.

It is open source so that 3D printing industry can join us in the fight.

Want to help us fight 3D weapons ?

3d printed guns are real

Available in a few clicks, any owner of a 3D printer can make a gun at home, in only few hours. This is a fully functional, untraceable and undetectable weapon.

Untraceable because it does not contain any serial number. Undetectable because it’s manufactured from plastic part, allowing it to pass any security checks.


We actively act to stem the propagation of 3D weapons files on Internet by spreading 3D files of harmless weapons, thus access to actual ones gets harder.

Furthermore, we have developed a 3D gun files detector on our software to prevent their manufacturing on our 3D printers.

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