Congratulations, you have just completed your first 3D printing. It's as simple as that.

You who already see where you're going to put your figurine of a famous green angry hero. You who promised to repair the entrance furniture tomorrow... three months ago. You who are looking to redecorate your place without ruining yourself and without spending hours in the shops. You who dream of offering unique jewellery to your beloved girlfriend (thus making all of her friends jealous). To you who will bring your dreams to life.

We have reworked the world's simplest 3D printer to make it even more powerful, smarter, more elegant. And of course, it is still designed and manufactured in France.

We present you the Magis.

His intelligence lies in his ease.

Gestures that are familiar to you make its use as natural as it is intuitive. Once you have inserted the SD card with your prepared 3D model, press the single button and watch the magic work.

Do you want to change the filament during printing? No problem. The world's only tap tap function (we checked) allows you to do this with two quick presses on the tray.

If you are new to 3D printing, all the answers to the questions you may have are in our FAQ.

Designed and manufactured in France it uses biosourced filaments.

All our 3D printers have been designed and manufactured in Roubaix. We are proud to represent French innovation, as evidenced by the various awards received in 2017, such as the French Tech Pass for the most promising French start-ups.

One of our other priorities is to be able to create and share while respecting the environment. That's why we use PLA filaments made from corn starch. Yes, they work perfectly with our machines. No, it doesn't smell like popcorn when it gets hot.

The Magis adjusts itself.
No complex manipulations. Plug in, it's ready.

You'll be impressed by yourself.

The Magis has been completely redesigned. From head to toe.

  • Its new electronic components improve its strength and accuracy for prints up to 100 microns.

  • It is strengthened and simplified with a new shielded fan, protected from magnetic disturbances. This allows the machine to be assembled very quickly in less than a minute.

  • New Buildtak gripping surface for printing even upside down. We don't know what it's for yet, but it's possible.


A concentrate of innovations at 270

We have improved its performance so that the quality of your prints is always better. We have (still) simplified its use so that it is accessible to everyone, from beginners to the most experienced. We are proud to present you a machine with even more robust components for a truly incomparable experience.

You want to know everything? In details? Even the rotation speed of the fan? Okay, it's this way.

Broaden horizons, play with materials and colors.

  • A completely redesigned extruder makes it easier to use flexible filaments.

  • Its new filament detection system provides you with unfailing confidence with more than 1,150,000 passes (500,000 filament changes) in a row without errors.

  • Filament insertion and ejection are done automatically to let you have fun.
    Go green.
    Then blue.
    Then red.
    Then woody.

If you want to know more about the simplicity of the Magis, you can go to the "start" page and follow our first impression tutorial.

​French elegance.

French elegance.

Say hello to Marlin Magis.

Thanks to the feedback from the Dagoma community, we have upgraded the Marlin firmware to a tailor-made version for the Magis. It may sound technical, but frankly it's cool.

You already have a Neva? Update to take advantage of new features. You can even control your machine via the USB port. And that's cool, too.

One Cura to rule them all.

We have unified the versions of the Cura open source slicer optimized for Dagoma printers. Now prepare your prints with a single software package for all your machines: Cura by Dagoma.

Hit the ROAD, Jacques.

Enjoy a dedicated platform with objects specially prepared for your Magis.

To put it simply: no adjustments, no preparation, the objects are ready to be printed. Isn't that beautiful?

3D printers manufactured with

Our ambition is to make 3D printing accessible to all while preserving the environment. Our filaments are biosourced and therefore respectful of our planet. 50% of our printers are printed by other printers (and that's strong) designed and manufactured in France.

You are already 20,000 to have trusted us. Join the great 3D printing family!

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They're talking about us!

If you discover the Neva, nothing beats the feedback of a few specialists.

"One of the simplest and most affordable printers on the market."

"One of the simplest 3D printers on the market - no adjustment to make when unpacking or when printing."

"Dagoma, makes a name for itself thanks to the proximity and simplicity it maintains with its customers."

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For those who want to know everything.

  • Printing technology


  • Printing volume

    D180 x 200 mm

  • Max. printing temperature


  • Filament diameter


  • Printing nozzle diameter


  • Printing speed

    30 to 100 mm/s

  • Minimum standard layer height

    100 microns

  • Tolerances in X/Y


  • Machine Calibration


  • Ejection of the Filament (tap tap)

    Automatic (tap tap)

  • Insertion Filament


  • Flexible filaments


  • Printing color

    Multicolored by layer (simple extrusion)

  • Pause function


  • Stop & Go


  • Fine detection of filaments

    optimized detector

  • Fan speed

    11,000 rpm

  • Operating temperature range


  • Room temperature


  • Technology


  • Assembling of the kit


  • Editing / Plug & Play


  • Assembling the head

    Magnetic - simplified assembling

  • Printer weight

    4.3 kg

  • External machine dimensions

    305 x 275 x 535 mm (written in a block)

  • Filament compatibility (flexible)


  • Accuracy in X/Y

    50 microns

  • Z-accuracy

    12.5 microns

  • Controller board

    MKS N01 - by Dagoma

  • Gripping surface


  • File type


  • USB printing


  • Slicer

    Cura by Dagoma

  • Operating system

    Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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