Discover the ultimate version of France's most popular 3D printer in a unique package.

Disco Ultimate

20,000 Disco later, the Disco Ultimate

If you are not yet familiar with DiscoEasy200, it is the right time to do so. After 4 years of continuous improvement following customer feedback, more than 20,000 machines in circulation and hundreds of thousands of printed objects, we have decided to further improve the 3D printer that has made us successful, all to offer you something truly unique, we explain below all the elements that make it the best value for money on the market. Discover the Disco Ultimate.

21 days of training included

And since one good news never comes alone, we offer you with your Disco Ultimate our training "21 days to change your daily life thanks to 3D printing". 21 days is the time it takes to get into a new habit, so why not apply it to 3D printing?

We have decided to include something in your package that you won't find anywhere else for free: a step-by-step guide to make the most of everything your machine can offer you. On the program of your 3 weeks of training: how to make your machine profitable, your first models with a free license or, all our tips and tricks explained in detail to train you to be autonomous with your machine. No way to leave you alone once you have decided to embark on the adventure, we give you all the keys to fully enjoy your machine with our expert tutos, our experience feedback (and some surprises throughout the training). Always in French, always with our team at your disposal at any time. All the details of your included training can be found here.

Our best standard add-ons

We start in the best conditions: our latest innovations included from the start.

We have prepared an ultra detailed photo and video guide to help you step by step, take a look at it!

A color is good. Two colors is better.

Why limit yourself to one color? The latest addition to our research and development department, the two-color pack with double extrusion, is of course compatible with your Disco Ultimate. We explain everything here if you are not familiar with our latest innovation that is very much in the news.

The add on number 1, the control screen, is also perfectly compatible with this latest evolution of the DiscoEasy200, you can serenely add it to your order if you want even more comfort during your printing.

All the video editing tutorials have been updated in our first steps, we accompany you through all the steps, from the reception to the success of your first impression.

New products that will make a lot of noise. Or not.

Do you hear the sound of this Disco Ultimate? Neither do we. New electronic board, new tray holders. Almost no sound emitted during printing, it's amazing. With its makeover, discretion and safety plates that now protect the electronics, there is no need to keep your machine hidden in your workshop. It also integrates our latest electronic board with our custom internal improvements for the Disco Ultimate. And compatible with our next innovations, but we can't say any more for the moment...

Disco Ultimate

All the latest Disco Ultimate news

  • Machined trapezoidal rods for more precise prints. (serial expert pack)

  • Anti-backlash/anti-clearance nuts. (serial expert pack)

  • New stabilized print head with long bearing and flat lock. (serial expert pack)

  • Integrated pulleys to stabilize the belts

  • Extruder optimized for flexible filament. (Serial Extruder+)

  • Automatic insertion and ejection of the filament (Serial Extruder+)

  • Managing the pause by a remote button. (Serial Extruder+)

  • 2 black and transparent polycarbonate protection plates to reinforce the rigidity of the Y axis and protect the electronic board and cables.

  • New DAGOMA F5 electronic board: quieter / torque management in the firmware / scalable for new technologies.

  • Modification of side mounting to reinforce the rigidity of the Z axis (new design)

  • Raised tray supports to make movement easier (and prevent fingers from getting stuck) (new design)

  • Rear side adapted for the two-color add-on (new design)

  • Change of head color to grey + orange logo integration (new design)

  • Equipped with a serial Buildgrip

Why 399

It is the best quality/price ratio for a 3D printer improved in every detail after 4 years of work for a result of almost professional quality. And in addition, we offer you an ultra-complete 3-week training with free licenses and modeling tutorials, printing object guides, advanced printer settings... Imagine the cost of such a training if you had to find it elsewhere.

More than just making you want to have a 3D printer, we want to support you towards a better daily life and responsible consumption thanks to your Disco Ultimate. It is an incomparable pack on the 3D printing market today at this price, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it for the end of the year holidays. As every year we inform you, book your printer quickly to avoid unpleasant surprises. Stockouts are frequent despite our production running at full capacity.

You are never alone: Dagoma experts at your service and a community of enthusiasts ready to help you

At Dagoma: experts available to assist you, help you out, provide you with information. An online support full of video tutorials to help you, inform you, give you tips for use. A weekly Youtube live meeting with our customer service and one of the founders of Dagoma. What was the last purchase you made where you were offered such support?

Always more? You can also count on dozens of groups and pages dedicated to Dagoma on social networks. You will never be alone when faced with your questions, it is also the reassuring advantage of choosing a French and experienced brand to embark on this adventure.

Best of all, it is satisfied or your money back at the end of the 21 days of training.

We are really confident that 3D printing will change your daily life. And we are so sure of that that we offer you a refund if you are not satisfied after 21 days with your Disco Ultimate in your hands.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum accuracy

    up to 100 microns

  • Printing volume

    200 x 200 x 200 mm - 8 L

  • Printing speed

    30 to 150 mm/s

  • Technology

    Melted filament deposition (FDM / FFF)

  • Recommended material


  • Filament diameter


  • Consumables

    Filament (not proprietary)

  • Nozzle diameter

    0.4 mm

  • Extrusion temperature


  • Printing color

    monochrome or two-tone (optional)

  • Minimum printing thickness

    0.1 mm (100 microns)

  • Positioning accuracy Z

    0.01 mm (10 microns)

  • Positioning accuracy X and Y

    0.05 mm (50 microns)

  • Trapezoidal rods

    machined with motors and anti-backlash/anti-clearance nuts

  • Inserting and ejecting the filament


  • Managing the pause during printing

    remote button or control screen (optional)

  • Protective plate


  • Gripping support


  • Heating plate

    no, not necessary to print in PLA

  • 3D parts

    open-source and available on Github

  • Cutting software (Slicer)

    Cura by Dagoma (optimized and free), Cura, Simplify, ...

  • File format

    STL, Obj,... for Cura by DAGOMA / Gcode for 3D printer

  • Compatibility of modeling software

    Yes with export to STL: Tinkercad, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Blender, Sketchup, ...

  • Connectivity

    Autonomous (SD card) and by computer (USB)

  • Add-on compatibility

    Control screen, two-color nozzle

  • 3D printer dimensions

    370 x 370 x 370 mm

  • Weight

    5 kg

  • Energy consumption

    30 to 60 W

  • Assembling

    in kit

  • Manufacturing



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