21 days training to discover and master 3D printing


  • Training on 3D printing for beginners and advanced

  • Tutorials

  • Modelling training offered (38 videos)

  • Free 3D object guides

  • Pro software licenses available

  • Live video with the Dagoma team

  • Emails with exclusive content

  • 150-page paper guide

With this training, you will:

Save time and money with 3D printing

Get into better consumption habits on a daily basis

Personalize and make unique each of your creations

Solve everyday problems very easily with your 3D printer

Find out in detail what you will learn

3D printing from A to Z: You will learn everything you need to know about 3D printing

  • The different formats in 3D printing

  • Why are you part of the 3rd Industrial Revolution

  • FFF / FDM technology - The uses of 3D printing

Find the best 3D files: Don't waste any more time finding your 3D files already modeled

  • Presentation of 3D object platforms online

  • Tips for choosing the right 3D files

  • Free vs. paid files

Learn the basics of modeling: Draw your first objects in 3D with our training by Gilles Pfeiffer on Tinkercad (23 videos)

  • Introduction and navigation in Tinkercad

  • Settings and basic operation

  • Assembling the different shapes

  • Import/Export of files and use of SVG

Learn advanced modeling: Design your first 3D mechanical designs with our SelfCAD training (10 videos)

  • Introduction and navigation in SelfCAD

  • Settings and basic operation

  • One-year license offered

Master a digital sculpture software: Sculpt a trophy in 3D with our training by Gilles Pfeiffer on Sculptris (15 videos)

  • Introduction, installation and navigation in Sculptris

  • Use of brushes

  • Import/Export of 3D files

  • Realization of a trophy from a ball of 3D material

3D object guides offered: Get inspired by printing objects already selected for you

  • G-code file guide to launch without any settings

  • 3D object guide for gifts

  • 3D project guide at expert level

  • 3D DIY Project Guide

Learn how to set up your machine to perfection: Follow our tutorials to master all the settings of your 3D printer

  • Use the accessories of the 3D printer correctly

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the gripping support

  • The best techniques for unclogging the print head

  • Using advanced settings

Learn how to configure your 3D prints: Master the Cura by Dagoma slicer from classic use (4 videos) to advanced settings (5 videos)

  • Changing the size and orientation of an object

  • Choose the quality of 3D printing and control the media

  • Backup your trays

  • Print several objects at the same time...

Protect your creations: Find out how to keep the intellectual property of your creations and what you can really do with the files already available on the Internet

  • Understand the Creatives Commons acronyms

  • Submission of a first project on the MaPreuve.com platform

  • Know how to choose which licenses to apply to your creations

Sell your creations: Be inspired by our customers who sell their 3D creations

  • Anne-Sophie and her ecommerce site for birth gifts

  • The creation of a robot arm marketed by Nyrio

  • H

Learn to repair instead of buying: Use our accurate modeling tips and after-sale service platforms to give your equipment a second life

  • Discover the Happy 3D platform of Boulanger to download the missing parts for free

  • Cutting an STL into several parts

  • Control interlocking and tolerances in 3D printing

How to get the most out of your 3D printer? Use our tips and tutorials to go even further with your 3D printer

  • 3D scanner

  • Create a lithophane from a digital photo

  • Use of technical filaments

  • Printing with the two-color pack

How can I improve the quality of my prints? Use our tips and tutorials to enhance your 3D printing

  • Post-processing

  • Paint and varnish

  • Assembling and glueing

How to make your machine evolve with your desires? Make the most of your 3D printer's full potential

  • What are the differences between our machines?

  • What add-ons are available?

  • What changes can I make under the Dagoma warranty?

Customize your impressions: Modify an object and adapt it to your needs by following our training by Matt, co-founder of Dagoma

  • Adding text to an object (Tinkercad)

  • Customize the size of a specific part of an object

Use special filaments: How to print with flexible, wood feel, or ultra resistant filaments

  • Why use these special filaments and what are their characteristics

  • Prepare your impressions well to obtain the best results

  • How to choose the right filament for your needs

Which accessories to choose? Choose the right accessories according to your needs

  • The essentials for a good start

  • Choose the right gripping support

  • Our advice and recommendations to go further

Choose the right filament for you: Know which filament is the most suitable

  • What are the properties of PLA and why it is the right material for your machine

  • Which filament brand to choose

  • Take advantage of our exclusive 21-day training promotions

How to benefit from Dagoma support: Rely on Dagoma experts

  • Weekly meetings with our team

  • What to do in case of a problem with your machine

  • Who are the experts who are accompanying you? How to contact them?

Finding solutions to everyday problems: Use the full potential of your 3D printer to get you out of problems that would otherwise be impossible to solve

  • How to repair instead of throwing away: the lemon squeezer

  • Go further with parts not available for sale: the electric scooter

  • Create without constraints: the Torx screw

All you have to do is choose your 3d printer

Disco Ultimate

  • In kit

  • Trapezoidal rods

  • Compatible with two-color nozzles

Disco Ultimate


  • Already assembled

  • Self-calibration

  • No adjustments to make

Neva Magis