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PRINTinZ Blanc / Noir


5 reviews - 4.2/5

Produit épuisé

If you are looking for a gripping surface on your Disco�, stop looking - the flexible PRINTinZ is THE answer!

Product recommended

If you are looking for a gripping surface on your Disco�, stop looking - the flexible PRINTinZ is THE answer!

It works with virtually all filaments and offers an unequalled life span. Its metal core allows for an excellent detection by the sensor and its flexibility makes the removal of printed objects really easy.

And the icing on the cake is, if you ever manage to scratch it, you can always sand it down so that it lasts over and over again!

So don't hesitate any longer - order now your PRINTinZ!



If you have already printed in 3D, then you know how important the grip surface on the tray is. It must be able to hang enough so that the part does not come loose during printing but not too much to be able to remove the part once it is finished. The PRINTinZ surface is based on a specific chemical formula that allows the perfect compromise between these two functions while offering real flexibility to further facilitate the removal of the printed parts. You can slightly twist the tray to release the sides of the part, you can also use a spatula or a mix of the two solutions.
With the PRINTinZ, you no longer need to replace your gripping surface!

Unlike other attachment surfaces, the PRINTinZ is hard enough to accept the sometimes high forces when disassembling parts. You can print on both the white and black sides, depending on the color of the filament you are using, in order to best distinguish the first layer of your printing.

There is no ever-lasting grip surface for the moment. Nevertheless, the PRINTinZ appears to be the solution with the longest life span.
And it extends even further when the surface appears to be damaged. All you have to do is sand it down to give it a new look and here we go again for new prints!


And for more information on the different usable plastic materials, here are some video tests:


  • longueur : 210mm
  • largeur : 210mm
  • épaisseur : 4.5 +/-0.4mm


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