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Approximate time: 15 minutes

Instruction manual - Mounting

that's it, you've received your Extruder+.

We will assist you in the assembly and use of this improvement for your DiscoEasy200.

In this box you found...

  1. A new side cover with integrated button
  2. An extruder+
  3. An extruder+ arm
  4. Two fixing clamps

The prerequisites

  • You need a DiscoEasy200
  • An extruder+ pack
  • A 2.5mm hex screwdriver (provided in the DiscoEasy200 kit)

Place au montage


Step 1

Disassembling the extruder

First remove the white tube by pressing the black flange.

While holding the extruder arm in, remove the 3 screws that hold the extruder.

Then remove the assembly.

Keep the spring and screws, they will quickly return to active service.


Step 2

Assembling the extruder arm

Place the spring in the recess on the extruder body.

Take the arm, place it so that the spring is taken in the second impression.

Compress the spring so that the arm fits into the notch.

Move the arm so that the screw hole is aligned with the body hole.


Step 3

Mounting the extruder+

Place the screws of the old extruder on the new one.

Pass the cable through the hole at the top left.

Hold the extruder in front of the motor.

Screw it in firmly while holding the motor.

Make sure that the extruder arm still moves after tightening. (See video)

Reconnect the white tube to the new extruder. Push it in about 15mm.


Step 4

Assembling the side cover

Remove the old side cover.

Route the cables between the two bars.

Slide it to the side by pressing the central part.

Then clip it onto the bottom bar.


Step 5


Place your DiscoEasy200 on its front side to access the wiring.

Then connect the cables to the card.

Connect the extruder cable to the Z+ stud.

Connect the cable from the side cover to the Z- stud.


Step 6


Use the cable ties to secure the cables properly under the machine.

Your old parts will no longer be used, think about recycling.

Assembling the Extruder+: CHECK !

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