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Approximate time: 20 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 5 - Assembly of the X axis

Assembling the X axis

We will assemble the last part of the 3D printer before proceeding to assembly.

The prerequisites

  • A pre-mounted print head
  • A left X-axis slide and a right one
    (for the moment only take care of the fact that they are different)
  • 1 motor with pulley
  • 2 linear bearings
  • 2 belt bearings
  • 1 long stop
  • 1 75cm belt
  • 2 short bars
  • 1 M3x16 screw (there must be 9 of them left)
  • 3 screws M3x6 (there must be 8 left)
  • ... and an undercooked baguette (optional)

Stage 1

Installation of belt bearings

We will place the bearings that will return the belt from the printer head.

Use the small printed tool to help you place the bearings. Take 1 M3x16 screw, place it in the corresponding hole and screw through the 2 bearings. Insert the screwdriver through the hole provided in the plastic part. Check that the bearings rotate well after tightening.


Step 2

Installation of the X stop

Take the stop with the longest cable. Insert it into the slot, starting with the plug.

Orient it as you did on the video.

Push in the stop.

It is one millimetre higher than plastic.


Step 3

Installation of the X engine

Push the motor back into its bracket, the connector towards the part (as in the video).

Screw the motor with 3 M3x6 screws.

The last screw hole is accessible with the plastic tool used for the bearings. Position the screw in front of the hole, pass the screwdriver through the part, remove the printed tool, and screw in.


Step 4

Installation of the head bearings

Take two linear bearings out of their bags (bring paper towels, they are full of oil).

Clip them into the slots provided on the head (centre them well before pressing).


Step 5

Assembling the X-axis bars

Take 2 short bars.

Gently insert them into the bearings (rotate them a few times to make them easier to enter). Once in place, make a few trips back and forth to make sure everything is fine.

Now pay attention to the direction of the parts. Refer to the video to orient the parts. The head and the two carriage are higher on one side (top of the video). Line up this side. The carriage with the motor will be on the left and the other one on the right. No need to force to retract the bars. In the next step you can check all this out.


Step 6

Installation of the head belt

Turn the whole thing over to see the underside of the head.

Take the 75cm belt.

With the notches facing upwards, insert the belt into the upper hole.

Pick it up on the other side and make it come back to the right (beware of spins).

In the right-hand carriage, pass over the bearings and then return to the bottom (notches towards the bearing).

Pull it to get some slack.

Return the belt to the left carriage by passing under the head.

Pass the belt under the motor pulley and back over it.

Point the end of the belt towards the head. Place the belt in the slot (go to the last notch).

Take the other end and pull on it to tighten the belt. Tense without forcing, just so that everything stays in place. Push the belt to lock it into the notches on the head.

Assembling the X axis: CHECK!

Check that the direction of the parts corresponds to that on the picture.

Then put it aside, it will serve us later.

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