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Approximate time: 20 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 3 - Rear side

Assembling the rear side

We will mount the second part of the 3D printer.

The prerequisites

  • 1 rear side
  • 1 motor with gearwheel
  • 1 extruder body
  • 1 extruder arm
  • 1 extruder spring (there is only one in the mechanical bag)
  • 2 belt bearings
  • 4 nuts M3 (there should remain 17 of them)
  • 3 screws M3x25 (there must be 1 left)
  • 5 screws M3x16 (there must be 18 left)

Stage 1

Installation of the clamping screws

As before, take 4 nuts and 4 medium screws (M3x16). Place the nuts in the slots as shown in the video. Put the screws in place without overtightening, just to hold the nuts and prevent the screws from moving. We will tighten them later to hold the bars.


Step 2

Installation of belt bearings

We will place the bearings that will return the belt from the printer tray.

Take the small printed tool. It allows the bearings to be easily placed and maintained. Take 1 M3x16 screw, place one in the corresponding hole and screw through the 2 bearings. Check that the bearings rotate well after tightening.


Step 3

Mounting the extruder

Take the motor and place it from inside the plastic part (gearwheel on the smooth side of the part).

Point the motor connector towards the bearings.

Place 2 M3x25 screws in the extruder body. Leave the hole where the material is the thinnest empty.

Orient it as on the video (empty hole in the same direction as the connector).

Tighten the two screws.

Place the spring in the recess on the extruder body.

Take the arm, place it so that the spring is taken in the second impression.

Compress the spring to align the holes place the last screw loosely.


Step 4

Clamping the extruder arm

The arm should not be too tight to avoid blocking it.

Squeeze until the daylight disappears between the two orange pieces.

Loosen a quarter turn to make it reappear.

Assembling the rear side: CHECK!

Put it aside, it will be useful again later.

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