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Approximate time: 15 minutes

Instructions for assembling the expert pack - Preparation and disassembly

that's it, you've received your expert pack.

We will assist you in the assembly and use of this improvement for your DiscoEasy200.

In these two boxes you found...

Part 1

  1. 1 print head (not assembled)
  2. 2 X carriages
  3. 6 screws M4x12
  4. 3 fixing collars (white or black)

Part 2

  • 2 Z motors with integrated threaded rods + anti-backslash nuts

The prerequisites

  • A mounted DiscoEasy200 and an expert pack
  • A 2.5 mm hexagonal screwdriver (supplied with the DiscoEasy200 kit)
  • A flat screwdriver
  • A printed tool (provided with the DiscoEasy200 kit) Downloadable here
  • A cutting pliers

Place au démontage

A chaque étape, conservez les vis.


Step 1

Removing the twisted sheath

Remove the sheath from the side mounting to the carriage.

Release the motor and stop cables.

Unscrew the sheath of the carriage.


Step 2

Disconnect the motor from X


Step 3

Disconnection of the stop and motors from Z

Turn the machine over.

Disconnect the connected X stop on terminal X+.

Remove the cable completely from the bottom of the machine.

Unplug the engines from Z.


Step 4

Disassembling the upper part of the machine

If you have any filament left in the print head, remove it.

Disconnect the PTFE tube by pressing the black connector and remove it from the top.

Loosen the 4 side screws.

Remove the upper part of the printer.


Step 5

Removing the X axis

Unscrew the upper screws of the couplings.

Remove the threaded pins from the couplers.

Then lift the whole thing out of the machine.

Then remove the two threaded rods.

Be careful, they are covered with oil.

Hold the upper nuts to prevent them from suddenly coming off.


Step 6

Disassembling the Z motors

Unscrew the motors from Z.

Lift the base and remove them.


Step 7

Disassembling the X axis

Remove the belt from the head.

Separate all the elements.

Put the bars aside.

Disassembling the printer: CHECK!

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