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Instructions for assembling Magis and Neva box - preparation

You received your box for Magis and Neva

We will assist you in the assembly and installation of your protection for the Magis and Neva 3D printer.

In this box you found

  1. x2 cable guides
  2. x1 carriage fixation
  3. x1 magnetic stop (magnetized to the carriage)
  4. x3 Magis feet
  5. x1 carriage
  6. x1 bag of screws & tools (6 wrench, 2.5 wrench, two M8x20 screws, four M3x10 countersunk screws, two M3x12 curved screws, six pads, twenty rubber bands, two printed clips)
  7. x1 rail
  8. x1 protective glass
  9. x1 black wooden base
  10. x6 straps (1 upper rear fixation, 1 lower rear fixation, 4 front fixations)

Installation of the pads

Take the 6 skids from the small screw bag.

Under the wooden base, push 3 skids into the corners as shown on the video.

Then under each of the three feet, push in a skate.

Put the base aside, it will be used later.


Installation of the feet on the Magis

Take the 3 feet back and install them on your 3D printer.

Push the ergot back into the hole provided for this purpose.

Preparation of strapping

Remove the protective film from the parts.

Element preparation completed

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